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To all clients - Were moving to a new server

  • November 4, 2020 by Jim Champion

Fins and Fur is happy to announce that we will be upgrading all systems this weekend by moving to a new larger and quicker server. And your coming with us. ;-)

This move is much required with todays software changes and your sites demands over time and were happy to provide it. Were excited for improvements.

Tentatively speaking we are scheduling the migration of all client sites to the new server during the off hours of 1am - 3am the morning of Saturday Nov 7th.
There will be ongoing testing on our behalf to ensure everyone's site is brought over in it's entirety and that all protocols and scripts are functioning as normal. But we strongly encourage you to look over your site/s your self also later that morning to ensure all is well. There are no foreseen issues but there's always an "if" factor.

Should you see anything wrong or experience any issues with your site please do not hesitate to open a ticket by sending an email to
If you are using domain mail from your website please unsure that you are able to send and receive mail after the server migration. If not, please open a ticket by sending an email to from an address that you ARE able to use, or log into the Clients Area and open a ticket.

If anyone has any questions or concerns between now and Saturday when the migration will begin, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Until then, thanks for choosing Fins and Fur Hosting....see you on the other side. ;-)

Jim Champion