Scam Alert!

  • July 17, 2015 by Jim Champion

This is a reminder for our existing clients, and a notice for any new clients that there are fake domain renewal notices being mailed out by perpetrators looking to steal your domain name from you.

The emails try to alert you that your domain is about to expire and you need to respond quickly. When you click the links they provide you are on your way to handing over your domain to them.

There is a large group of scammers doing this. Domain Registry of America, or Domain Registration Seo, just to name a couple. Be Aware and know that as long as you bought your domain from us we will be the only ones sending you renewal notices. If the email is not from Fins and Fur Hosting, delete it as it is a scam attempt. If you have any questions or feel you may have already fallen for one of the scams, please contact us ASAP.