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  November 4, 2020  by  Jim Champion
New Server for 2021. Migration this weekend
To log into your website control panel simply visit
replacing the text in this example "yourdomain" to your actual domain name.

You will then be prompted for a username and password.
Your username will be automatically created and sent to you.
The password will be the password chosen by you when you signed up for webhosting. It would have also been sent to you in your welcome email once your sign up was complete.

Dont recall your password?
You can still retrieve it by visiting the Fins and Fur Hosting Clients Area, logging in, and clicking "products" from the menu and then "products list".
Click the button to the right of the listed product and then click on "Send Welcome  Email".
You will also notice a Log in to Cpanel option there. Which also takes you directly to your control panel.

Every part of your account has user recoverable options available.
The log in info for the Hosting Clients area can be retrieved by clicking the Log In and then "forgot password" link. The "forgot password" link is located directly below the box that you would type your password in.  Your user name is always your email address.

The log in info for your hosting control panel (Cpanel) goes out in every welcome email and can be retrieved by logging into the Clients Area and clicking on "products" from the menu.  Then "Product List". This shows all the products you currently have with Fins and Fur Hosting.
To the right of each listed product is a button with a drop down menu.Click the button and choose "Send Welcome Email".
You may add images to your support tickets very easily. This might be handy to show a screen shot of something your experiencing, to us. send pictures you'd like added to your site if were maintaining your site for you.

Pictures should be attached and not inline. Inline images are embedded into the email and will not transfer to the system on your support ticket.

To attach an image to a support ticket simply log in to the Clients Area ,  and choose "submit new ticket" from the drop down menu. At the bottom of your new ticket you'll see an "upload file" section.

There will be a button at the bottom of the support ticket that reads "choose file".
Click "choose file" to find the file you want to attach on your computer. Click on it to select it and you will see it listed right next to the "choose file" button.

To add additional images or files, there will be a text link directly below the "choose file" button that reads, "add a new file". If you click that it will let you add a new file the same way you did with the button for the initial image...go through your computer again and choose another file to attach.
Attach as many as you like as long as it's less then 10 meg total and your ISP (Internet Service Provider wont time out the connection too soon, as it can take a while to do large uploads.

If you have compression software on your computer you can place several images into a directory and then zip (compress) the folder.  Once you have zipped (compressed) the folder of images you can send us the zip file.

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