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Sending us multiple images

  • September 23, 2016

We have recently made it even easier to send us multiple images for us to add to your website while we maintain or edit it for you. No more trying to resize your images. No more uploading one or two at a time.

We have eagerly incorporated the simplicity of Dropbox for uploading your multiple images.

How do I use this?
If you have several unedited images that you would like to send us to put on your site, add to a gallery etc, you can now simply send us a support ticket indicating that you have several images to send us and we will send you a direct link to a upload directory specifically created for you on Dropbox. It will basically be an email indicating that Fins and Fur is requesting images with a link in it.

Your directory will be named the same as your site and to upload the images all you need to do is click the "Upload Images" link that's in the email we send. This takes you to the Dropbox directory. Now click "choose files" and you may begin selecting images to upload to the directory.

Add more images by clicking "Add another file" as many times as you'd like.

When your finished, click the "upload" button and you are done. We will get the images and place them on your site as you have requested.

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