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What are permissions

  • May 6, 2009
Permissions allow you to control who has access to your content files & at what level. For example, you will want to retain read & write permissions (along with the others) to your files - but you will want to limit your 'viewers' access to 'Read only'.

Permissions are used to prevent the wrong people from doing the wrong things with your files. Including hackers.

Every Unix file has a set of permissions associated with it that specify who is allowed to use that file and in what way.

There are three kinds of permissions:

  1. A read permission means someone can see what is in the file.
  2. A write permission means someone can change what is in the file, or even remove it.
  3. An execute permission means someone can run (execute) a file, if that file contains a program.
Permissions are granted to three kinds of users:
  • The owner permissions specify what the owner of the file can do.
  • For a discussion of group permissions.
  • The world permissions specify what anyone can do.

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