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And were off!

  • January 3, 2016 by Jim Champion

As promised on New Years Day, New Servers!

Our DataCenter has everything in place and we will begin migrating all client sites to the new servers tonight at midnight CST.

Bigger, better and faster. Most importantly more secure, as our current servers operating system will reach it's EOL (end of life) in March of 2017. Which means developers will not be maintaining it, and software for it will become obsolete.
Whats this mean for you? Since were upgrading while we move, it will mean more speed, security, and stability for your website, while giving us scale-ability on our end.

What do you need to do? Nothing really other then be patient as the migration can cause short down time. As always we try to limit it to only a few minutes but sometimes unforeseen circumstances come forth.

NOTE...E-MAIL USERS..If you are a client using your domain mail through Outlook, Gmail, your Phone or other mobile device, you will need to change you SMTP server on that device to instead of the current This can be done by editing the settings for the mail account on that device. If you need help, we can help.

It's not a rush. It's recommended to wait until at least tomorrow 1/4/16. Any mail sent from the new server will hold until you make the changes at which time it will all download on your device for you.

As always, any question comments or concerns, open a ticket and I'd be more then happy to help you.
Here's to wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year